In the world of piano tuning and maintenance, meet David Chandler—a fully qualified Piano Tuner & Technician with a commitment to precision and care. With qualifications from the Australasian School of Piano Technology and the Yamaha Piano Technical Academy in Japan, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

A member of the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria and a Yamaha Authorized Service Agent, David is based in Brunswick, VIC, providing reliable services to nearby areas. Rooted in a musical family, his early exposure to the piano and history playing the trombone adds a distinctive touch to his tuning expertise.

David takes pride in his work, from older family upright pianos to concert grands, ensuring every piano is a delight to play.


Regular piano servicing counteracts daily changes in temperature, humidity, and play-induced wear.
It preserves tuning stability, key responsiveness, tonal quality, and ensures your instrument’s longevity.

Specialising in Yamaha, Steinway, and Kawai pianos, David's expertise extends to both grand and uprights.

  • Tuning restores pitch, ensuring harmonious sounds
  • Voicing personalises tone for musical expressiveness
  • Regulation improves key responsiveness and consistency
  • Repairs maintain piano longevity, quality and performance